Celebrities, Scuba Divers and People photographed by Stephen Brunson
underwater photography of great white sharks and dolphins by Stephen Brunson
Celebrities, People, and Scuba Divers
Limited Edition Signed color photography for sale by Stephen Brunson.
Digital stock photography for publication, commercial use and all other media for sale.

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Rodney Fox Great White Shark attack survivor     Rodney Fox and the captain of the Falle     Rodney Fox celebrating with Jack Daniels and Bacardi     Johnny, Cinda, and Logan enjoying the dolphins at Anthony's Key Resort Dolphin Encounter.     Josie says I hit the jackpot and won the lottery when I found her. I agree completely.     

Johnny R. Stanley photographing and modelling in the beautiful pillar coral gardens on the Island of Roatan.     Lee Olsen is the owner and president of Affordable Business Systems, and is a master computer technician. In fact, he is the one who put my complex computer system together.     Carl Roessler is a legend with people who travel around the world with liveaboard diving adventures. What I personally remember about Carl is after we spent a couple of hours photographing great white sharks in the cages, he came up to me and said 'welcome to the NFL, Steve'.     Carl Rossler at the ship's helm. Carl Rossler was the founder of the liveboard diving service called See & Sea Travel Inc. back in the 1960's.     Josie Brunson hardhat diving with a starfish. I first met Josie in Sacramento, California, at the Holistic Massage Therapy School. She was there with her good friend Ramone Talley.    

Underwater photo. Our favorite dive site was Hanama Bay, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We captured some of our best underwater images together in that protected bay.      Hardhat diving. Josie is also a connesieur with fine French wines and California wines from the Napa Valley. We would go there often on weekends and stay at Doctor Wilkinson's massage and health spa, and we would tour the wineries in the Napa Valley, like Beringer, Sutter Home, and Monticello vineyards.     Lisa Marie Riggs and parrotfish. I first met Lisa at the BlueWater cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii. That was the first time I had experienced the true meaning of 'Aloha'.     Lee Olsen and the kelp forest. Lee's most noble acts were in marine conservation, at the Point Loma Kelp beds. While president of the San Diego Council of Divers, Lee started and ran the abalone planting program.     On our first date, she took me out, for she was a local Hawaiian who lived in a big, beautiful home on Atherton Road, in Manoa Valley. She took me to a secluded beach with many palm trees, where the ocean had small, rolling waves, and it seemed like we could go out for miles before it got deep.     

Steve and Spencer Longhofer football stars at Rocklin High School     Hank, Lei, Lani, Lisa, Mark, Scott, Matthew, and Doug Rigg invited me into their home on Atherton Road for 4 months of hospitality and Aloha, instead of staying on the U.S. Navy Barge YRST-1, which was uninhabitable for humans. My hat goes off to the Rigg family.      Lisa Marie Rigg was my favorite underwater model and dive buddy. Her stunning looks, charm, and scuba skills were unparalled. Not to mention her big cheery smile, and pearly whites.     Spencer Longhofer shark cage diver, scuba diver and sports caster     Steve and Spencer Longhofer, shark cage diver, scuba diver and sports caster    

Logan enjoying the dolphins at Anthony's Key Resort Dolphin Encounter.      Logan at the Dolphin Encounter at Anthony's Key Resort on Roatan      Johnny and Cinda enjoying the dolphins at Anthony's Key Resort Dolphin Encounter     Spencer Longhofer shark cage diver, scuba diver and sports caster     Guy & Renee Richards. He loves to scuba dive and loves the sea. He is a family man and a proud Texan.